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LCK Ladies Salon

Take a break from reality, have your me-time with us. Allow your body to unwind and stimulate your senses with exquisite aroma and discover your beauty, our view.

LCK Ladies Salon is a newly open salon, inspired by "Shabby Chic" classic style, your one-stop destination offering all hair services, nail care, face and body treatments, hair removal, Moroccan Bath, Nails & Eyelashes enhancement/extensions and total relaxation.

A stress-free treatment; relaxes your body and mind through the art of massage, and slip away into a tranquil place atmosphere of LCK Ladies Salon all worries are forgotten. Allow our highly trained staff to treat you to the ultimate in deep relaxation designed to soothe your spirit, mind, and body.

We have our own signature “Day Spa Package” and stylish Moroccan bath. Enjoy our complete beauty and wellness treatments. To distress and detox, our “Day Spa package” is just what you need!

Experience our "Party of 5" group bookings with “Fresh and Healthy made refreshments” to be served with a minimum of 5 persons. One day Pre-Booking is required.

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